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Green icon for Timeline feature

Connecting the dots?

Panobi puts your work in the context of its results in real-time.

View experimentation results and KPI data alongside product and marketing efforts.

Understand the impact of your releases with time series metrics.

Analyze data holistically, taking seasonal patterns or events into account.

See who’s doing what with team-based filters.

Organize and filter with tags for product area or OKRs.

A high level timeline view of current releases, live metrics, and footnotes
Green icon for Releases feature

Doing all the things?

Track everything your team does and ships – from A/B tests to meetups.

Prevent experiment collisions with smart scheduling and team visibility.

Easily prioritize projects with built-in hypothesis logging and RICE scoring.

Improve efficiency and accuracy with connected feature flags.

Automate status changes by integrating with Split, Statsig, LaunchDarkly, or our SDK.

Seamlessly connect your releases and updates with a two-way reference knowledge graph.

Feature flag integration apps
A roadmap of planned releases and alerts from feature flags
Green icon for Metrics feature

Using data to make decisions?

Bring context to your data with Panobi — getting a clear, live view of your business metrics and experiment outcomes has never been simpler.

Embed charts natively in your updates and reference live data anywhere in Panobi: in your updates, release notes, experiment design, and even in comments.

Create a metric using a simple SQL query from your data warehouse.

Reference metrics in-line throughout the product, enabling an easy “peek” into data from any release, insight, or footnote.

Organize metrics by teams, tags, and product areas.

Skip the screenshot of a dashboard and link to the real query and data source.

Metric integration apps
Adding a sql query to Panobi
Green icon for Insights feature

Ready to share your insights?

Panobi makes your impact accessible and understood.

Easily reference releases and metrics by linking to them in-line and getting easy-to-use previews embedded in your report.

Stay on top of process with automated reports — Panobi calculates changes to metrics and major events, you edit and publish.

Grab attention and make your reports memorable with rich formatting and live metric references.

Understand who is getting value from your updates with default read receipts.

Explore context and data seamlessly with a two-way reference knowledge graph.

Panobi insight showing an embedded live metric
green automated report icon
Automated reports

Save hours with automated reports

Save one day each week and keep your finger on the pulse with automated weekly updates.

See the canonical list of completed and upcoming work without taking a screenshot or having to copy/paste between (hopefully up to date?) spreadsheets.

Let Panobi automatically calculate the week-over-week changes to your metrics. Easily reference the data in-line with our built-in unfurls.

Panobi automated reports
Green icon for Integrations feature

Supercharge your team with integrations

Finally, a tool built for the unique tech stack shared by growth and product teams. Connect Panobi to your tools and let the process run itself.




Feature Flag SDK

Metrics API endpoint



Google Auth


A list of Panobi's feature flag and data integrations
Green icon for rich formatting

Rich formatting

Easily enhance the appearance and structure of your documents, making them visually appealing and easy to read.

Panobi rich formatting feature
Green icon for comments


Provide feedback, ask questions, and engage in discussions directly within a release or insight.

Panobi comments feature
Green icon for activity


Get an overview of important updates and actions for efficient tracking and collaboration within your workspace.

Panobi activity notifications feature
Green icon for mentions


Directly notify and involve specific individuals or teams in discussions or actions, ensuring timely communication.

Panobi mentions feature
Green icon for live objects

Live objects

Embed up-to-date releases, insights, and metrics to situate your work within the broader context of existing knowledge.

Panobi live objects across insights, releases and metrics feature
Green icon for read receipts

Read receipts

Evaluate the effectiveness of your communication efforts and determine your team’s level of engagement.

Panobi read receipts feature
Green icon for permissions


Set editor or viewer roles to remove barriers to collaboration, tailoring permissions to match your team’s specific needs.

Panobi team collaboration and viewer and editor permissions feature
Green icon for custom tags

Custom tags

Organize and categorize information in a way that is meaningful to you or your specific workflow, making it easier to manage and navigate through your content.

Panobi custom tags feature
Green icon for light and dark mode

Light & dark mode

Experience the product in an accessible theme that suits your preference and surrounding environment.

Panobi accessible light and dark mode feature

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