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Converting anger to user love

September 13, 2023
An ice-cream cone that's been dropped on the ground. She angry.

You’ve probably read feedback emails or seen NPS comments that felt super angry and thought, Welp, we are losing _that_ customer. But it’s not always the case that angry customers will churn. 

🔥Perversely, people love to feel angry. Anger is a powerful, action-oriented emotion that helps them feel in control.

Being in control makes people feel good, and just as in the case of a great experience, they want to share that feeling with their social group. This is why reviews are often split between 1 star and 5 stars — the quantifiable outcome of your customers’ emotional states. 

So, read the 1-star reviews and seek out negative feedback from your customers. It’s often more helpful to read 1-star reviews to find out what you can improve than it is to read 5-star reviews. But remember that hate is not the opposite of love.

The other side of this – angry support emails or low scoring NPS surveys – is often anger that’s hiding disappointment. These customers are upset because they were relying on your product or service, and it let them down. If they’ve recently experienced a big disappointment, you’re more likely to hear from them than if everything is working. 

You can absolutely save these customers with a combination of empathetic listening, ownership of your mistakes, and prompt action. Everyone just wants to be heard.

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