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Delivering immediate value

August 23, 2023
Great products have value that compounds over time. But it’s not enough to eventually provide value, your product needs to be useful on Day 0. 

A lot of products struggle to provide immediate value to new users, but it’s not enough to promise that “in a few weeks or months” you’ll be happy you signed up. People want to be happy right now. 

How to deliver immediate value

  • Make the product easy to adopt: sign up and sign in should be seamless, and always ask new users to invite others, ideally more than once. It’s not a party if no one comes. 
  • Build a strong single player experience. Give people something to set the table with while they wait for their friends to arrive – like easy ways to customize the product for their own use. 
  • Integrate with other services that drive new activity, and therefore new notifications.
  • Make sure social loops connect. When a user initiates a social loop, like sending an invite, it’s good to let them know when it’s been accepted. 

A question to consider...

Any parent (or former child) probably has a fondness for the experience of sitting down at a restaurant with a kids’ menu and a cup of crayons. Keep that feeling in mind: that is what providing immediate value for your customers looks like. The adults have time to read their menus and the kids are distracted with a fun activity. The menu itself is also quite short, leaving even the most indecisive five year-old with a pretty easy choice to make. 

What’s the kids’ menu of your restaurant? 

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