Your metrics are a keystroke away

September 27, 2023

What if you didn't have to lose an entire day a week to writing and compiling reports?

On average, growth teams spend 8 hours a week on this painfully manual process, because product analytics, revenue, and experimentation data all live in separate silos — oceans of virtual space away from the slide decks, emails, and Slack messages that teams use to communicate.

PMs and Heads of Growth typically take screenshots of BI tools, paste them in a deck, and hope for the best. No longer.

In Panobi, you get a full complement of chart types, so you can easily reference a broad range of analytics alongside your written reports and insights. Having fresh data at your fingertips, adjacent to your timeline of live releases, leads to sharper analysis, prioritizing, decision-making, and communicating. Integrate directly using our Snowflake integration, Redshift integration, BigQuery integration, or our Metrics SDK (for in-house data).

Once you've added your data source, simply type a `#` to make an in-line reference in a release, as part of report, or even as a comment. Now your most important data is just a keystroke away.

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